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2017 Participants (Aug 24 - Sep 3, 2017)

  • Amiel Santos, RAC Bonao – Dominican Republic D4060
  • Christian Guttendörfer, RAC Bremen – Germany D1850
  • Julia Nuotio, RAC Helsinki – Finland D1420
  • Lauren Christie, RAC Pretoria Hatfield – South Africa D9800
  • Maria Walderkrantz, RAC Stockholm Djurgården – Sweden D2350
  • Ratu Navuaku Gavidi, RAC Suva – Fiji D9920
Participant Comments

PACE Rocks! Best Trip EVER. BC is such a beautiful place with breathtaking nature, happy and kind people but mostly it’s such a multicultural environment. I had the chance to experience 10 days full of experiences, making new friends all along the way. Friends for live. Visiting Grandville and the craft beers tasting was really fun and educational. I have to thank everybody who made this experience possible, I have no words to express my gratitude. -Amiel

Sometimes in life you just happen to meet people. People that will fill your heart with joy and make your life richer. People that will bestow you a one in a lifetime experience and will be friends you will never want to leave again. This sometimes is PACE. You come for a trip and go with your memory full of adventures and your heart bursting with love. Love for the breathtaking landscapes of British Columbia. Love for the delicious Food and snacks and drinks you are presented with and most of all the love for the incredible people from all over the world you will meet there. When there is a perfect example of what Rotaract friendship means and what it can do, then you will be blow away by the hospitality you will experience on this trip.  From the Mountaintops of Whistler to the Port of Victoria and the woods of Vancouver and the steep ascent of the Grind and the Chief, I fell in love with the area and its inhabitants. I am so thankful that I was given the opportunity and the chance to find family so far from home. A place to where I always will come back again and feel welcome and a bunch of awesome people I will never forget in my lifetime. It is worth every last mile you travel for it. It is a hell of a ride!! Go make it one of yours as well. -Christian

PACE2017 was an unbelievably beautiful experience and I feel so grateful that I had the opportunity to be a part of it! It’s a great journey that combines amazing nature, beautiful cities, countless number of fun activities, food, culture, knowledge, doing good, Rotaract and Rotary, and above all, open and warm-hearted people. If these are things that you love, you should definitely apply because PACE is a unique way to experience the beautiful British Columbia in lovely company! One thing you need to know beforehand, though: Canada will steal your heart <3 -Julia

What ever you are doing instead of applying to PACE is a waste of your time. This was honestly the greatest travel experience of my life so far – I have never had such a fun filled, jam packed amazing experience with such fantastic like-minded people. This is a wonderful example of how Rotary can take you places – see you all at RI 2019! -Lauren

I’ve always traveled a lot and thought I had seen and tried on most things by now. I was WRONG. PACE exceeded my expectations by far and I tried on so many things for the first time! Tandem cycling, hiking, dragon boating, kayaking, pubcrawling, bull riding, line dancing, prom, eating ramen, beaver tails and dim sum – the list goes on and on and on. I would summarize PACE as one of the best, if not the very best experience possible within Rotaract. You truly get the whole package – great guides, local Rotaractors and hosts, amazing food, even more amazing activities and memories for life. It’s just a win-win-win all the way through. If I can promise anything, it is that you WILL regret it if you don’t apply next year (if I could, I’d do it over and over again). Best trip ever! -Maria

I can confidently say PACE has been my best trip (so far). The picturesque mountains, the beautiful (but cold) Pacific Ocean and the acres of woodland as far as the eyes could see provided a beautiful natural backdrop to a week that went by faster than it began. From racing between transit lines, running on only 5 hours of sleep, trying new food, meeting new friends, powering the strenuous hikes after a long night out and keeping up with a hectic set schedule. It was truly unforgettable and I would not have had it any other way with any other group of beautiful humans. Christian (eins), Lauren (drie), Julia (nelja), Maria (fem) and Amiel (seis), all made the trip even more than it was. Our random public dance parties, group hugs, silly selfies, loud count offs and carpool karaoke’s definitely left its mark across British Columbia (BC). Topped with the amazing PACE organizers and guiding Rotaractors who made each day even more memorable, there is no better way to explore BC than through PACE, as you get the true Canadian experience. Trust me; this is one of those bucket list items you never knew you needed!!!
Vinaka and Loloma’s from Fiji -Ratu
#TooTiredToEnglish #CountOff #PACE17 #Sleepisforthedead

2016 Participants (Aug 25 - Sep 4, 2016)

  • Julyenne Carol, RAC Indaial – Brazil D4650
  • Kieran John, RAC Norwich – England D1080
  • Line Ernjak, RAC Rijeka – Croatia D1913
  • Martin Wilson, RAC Perth – Australia D9455
  • Melissa Lim, RAC Cherating – Malaysia D3300
  • Priyanka Shewale, RAC Mumbai Shivaji Park – India D3140
Participant Comments

No words can describe how awesome this PACE Trip 2016 was. We had a chance to get know a different country and wonderful people at the same time that we experienced a lifetime of adventures, put together in 10 amazing days in the beautiful British Columbia!  Outstanding views, amazing meals, incredible activities that includes biking, hiking, cooking, ice skating, and collecting so many memories in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Whistler, Victoria, and more! All of that while getting to know the others PACERS, learn about their cultures, getting to know the amazing committee that gave us an unforgettable and perfect roundtrip, the hosts that welcome us in their homes and the other Rotarys and Rotaracts that sponsor this trip and make this opportunity happen, just thank  you so much!  I’ll never forget this experience and I recommend to every Rotaractor in the whole world!  I had the time of my life, and a piece of my heart will always be in Canada, and in Malaysia, Croatia, India, Australia and England!  <3  Love you all! -Julyenne

As a relatively new Rotaractor, I couldn’t have picked a better first round trip! It was a fantastic way to explore British Columbia, and more importantly make some new friends from around the world. Don’t hesitate in applying for PACE, I promise you, you won’t regret it! -Kieran

PACE – best Rotaract roundtrip ever!! Beautiful nature, very kind enthusiastic friendly people, wonderful places, awesome food, amazing activities (even the hikes). Once in a lifetime experience. British Columbia was so much more of what I’ve expected, stole a piece of my heart. Big thanks to the fantastic organizers, the hosts, the super crazy lovely awesome pacers (July, Melissa, Priyanka, Kieran, Martin) and all the Rotaractors and Rotarians involved. You did an amazing job and made this experience unforgettable! I really felt like home. A true example of what Rotaract and Rotary community is all about. Don’t think twice to apply! It’s a must-do! You wont regret it, promise! -Lina

PACE 2016 was such an amazing experience! We were welcomed into an amazing country of beautiful majestic mountains, glistening lakes and flowing rivers. There was so much to see and to do and to explore! Travelling across British Columbia we hiked, cycled and kayaked to the next hidden gem awaiting for us around every corner. Everyone we met was so friendly, fun and full of enthusiasm. The local Rotaractors and Rotarians ensured we had every need met and were well looked after. It was the perfect opportunity to meet some fantastic people around the globe, working to make the world a better place through international goodwill and boosting friendships. I couldn’t recommend this trip more highly than that I’d love to do it all again! -Martin

If you’re looking for a round trip that brings you to the non-touristy, only-locals-know-best places, foods, and things to do, then PACE is for you! For the past 10 days, I had great time experiencing British Columbia with five other International Rotaractors. All that beautiful weather, fun fun fun activities, delicious food, silly jokes, crazy dancing and laughter will forever etched in my memory. I’m truly honored to be part of this amazing experience. Two thumbs up !! BIG WET KISSES to the PACE organizers to have arranged such a wonderful trip!!! TERIMA KASIH!! -Melissa

If I had to choose one word to describe this experience, it would probably have to be coined. That is how amazing the PACE trip was and I do not have enough words to do justice to the experience!  This being my first international trip and my first Rotaract roundtrip, I consider myself very fortunate to have been selected for such a wonderful experience. The PACE trip is so brilliantly and intricately planned to give you the best insights into the magical and multifaceted province of British Columbia. Right from the warmest welcome in the country by Rotarians and Rotaractors, the mesmerizing landscapes, majestic mountains, unforgettable experiences, friendships to last for a lifetime, super exciting activities, best fellow PACE participants, the most amazing bunch of dynamic and committed Rotaractors, PACE covers it all. I lost track of how many times I was awestruck throughout the trip. It is incredible how you get to experience so many extraordinary things in such a short span of time which ultimately bring about so much change within you and teach you such valuable lessons. Throughout the trip these little but powerful incidents took place which managed to teach me so much about myself and life. What you take back from this trip are memories to last a lifetime and friendships that extend to every corner of the globe. Those 10 beautiful days were nothing less than a dream for me. Thanks to PACE, a part of me will always belong to Beautiful British Columbia. I’m glad I applied for this program and you should too ☺ -Priyanka

2015 Participants (Aug 21 - 30, 2015)

  • Aditya Mallur, RAC Bangalore Northwest – India D3190
  • Árpád Kőszegi, RAC Budapest City – Hungary D1911
  • Francesca Cunico, RAC Sandrigo – Italy D2060
  • Liz Doubtfire, RAC Auckland City – New Zealand D9920
  • Nadine Broghammer, RAC Solothurn – Switzerland D1980
  • Will Bassett, RAC South-West Brisbane – Australia D9630
Participant Comments

After going through 10 days of amazing fun, adventure and learning, I should say that I have been really lucky to have been chosen for the PACE 2015 program. Though I had seen pictures of Pacific Canada on the internet, this part of the world is really a piece of paradise on earth. The sheer beauty of the place is not to be missed. The meticulous planning of the organizers, the warmth of the hosts and the cheerfulness of the Rotarians, Rotaractors and participants ensured that there was never a dull moment. I am going to treasure the experiences from this trip all my life. -Aditya

PACE was one of the best trips in my life…if not the best. Beautiful hikes, picturesque landscapes, friendly and kind people, awesome food, amazing activities, great company. Canada and Vancouver are everything what I expected, and even more. Thanks for the organizers, who did and an amazing job, that sets an example for trips all around the world to follow. If I can give you one advice: don’t hesitate even a minute, just apply! -Árpád

PACE is definitely a must-do for every Rotaractor! It is incredible how many things we had the opportunity to do and see in only 10 days. Everything was well-organized and people were welcoming, friendly and enthusiastic. It is not only a roundtrip but a full experience that allowed us to build some new relationships and get lots of new ideas for our clubs at home. If you have the opportunity to be one of the next PACERS, I only recommend you to follow the flow and trust the guides, without thinking too much about the schedule. Leave your doubts and fears at home. You definitely won’t be disappointed! (PS: Get ready to fall in love with British Columbia). -Francesca

PACE was a once in a lifetime trip without a doubt. I met some amazing people and feel like I really got to know Vancouver whilst seeing some other parts of beautiful Canada. There were so many things to see and do and great people to meet. I certainly won’t forget this trip or the people I made it with! -Liz

It’s just a big big WOW. Don’t expect anything, just apply! It will be better than what you could ever imagine. PACE is packed with fun activities, which can put you to your limit. You will see Vancouver area through the eyes of locals. I am so thankful for this experience about culture, willingness, involvement and service above self, enthusiasm and most important: friendship. The committee, participating local Rotaractors, Rotarians, friends and family of those involved are open-mined and provide you a home away from home. I left my heart in Vancouver. Thx PACE2015! -Nadine

What an amazing example of international networking within Rotaract. Starting with being warmly welcomed from the get-go, I got to meet an amazing group of locals and fellow PACE participants from around the world. We saw bears and lumberjacks, hiked mountains, had a BBQ with local Rotarians by a pristine Canadian blue lake, went for high tea in Victoria, cycled Stanley Park, tried poutine and beaver’s tail and so much more – sound great doesn’t it? Don’t think about applying, just do it. Would reapply for next year if I could. -Will

2014 Participants (Aug 22 - 31, 2014)

  • Anna Korell, RAC Duisburg-Niederrhein – Germany D1870
  • Giorgia Salerni, RAC Verona Scaligero – Italy D2060
  • Kohey Sugiyama, RAC Northern Tokyo and Okinawa  – Japan D2580
  • Lulu Martinez Ceceña, RAC Tijuana Nueva Generacion – Mexico D4100
  • Manuel Moran, RAC Montserrat UAI – Argentina D5890
Participant Comments

PACE 2014 – What an amazing trip! As it was my first time to visit Canada as well as taking part in a Rotaract trip there are no words to describe how thankful I am to have been chosen as a participant. I enjoyed every single day of the trip and definitely made friends for life! Thanks to the whole PACE team, all the guides, hosts and of course to the other PACERS (Lulu, Giorgia, Manu and Kohey) who affected this trip to become an unforgettable experience! I hope to see you all again in the near future!!! -Anna

Vancouver definitely stole a piece of my heart. PACE trip gave me the opportunity of living 10 days that I’ll never forget in my life. I feel very lucky because I had the chance to discover the city in the best possible way: we were guided by an enthusiastic and committed group of great people, that everyday gave their best to show us Vancouver and the surroundings, entertain us, challenge our limits and build life lasting friendships. I loved hiking mountains, visiting the nearby cities of Victoria and Whistler, walking through the city and partying during the night. Each single member of the hosting club, Burnaby Rotaract, taught me a great lesson about willingness, enthusiasm and friendship. Among them I really felt home and I experienced what “fellowship through service” really is. The value of this experience is something I will never be able to explain, but I wish all the people I love to try something like that in their life. -Giorgia

PACE gave me a lot of unforgettable experiences. I enjoyed every single activity and moment. I am very proud to be one of PACErs this year and to spend time with awesome Rotaractors in District 5040 and 4 other PACErs. 10 days passed so quickly and each day was full of joy and surprise. This trip is the best trip ever in my life. Thank you for all the Rotarians and Rotaractors in District 5040 to give me this wonderful opportunity. -Kohey

PACE has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life! Everyday was filled with great activities, great food and surprises here and there! Now Canada has a very special place in my heart and that is all thanks to the amazing Rotarians and Rotaractors behind this experience! It is an amazing cultural exchange activity and I wish many Rotaractors get the chance to live this and enjoy it as much as I did! -Lulu

If you are reading this, you might be interested in this trip, pleas apply for it, don’t hesitate, and then you will thank me! 🙂 It’s a huge opportunity to meet awesome people, to get to know a very nice and multicultural country! Before I went, I thought, after the trip I was gonna make 5 new friends (pacers) and now I can tell you that I have many more friends, cause Rotaractors there, are just wonderful people, very nice and friendly. All you have to do is submit and get ready, everything else is all set up for you to have a perfect trip. It’s on you to enjoy it. It’s a very good way of knowing Canada, during this trip you get to know Canada from the inside, from the point of view that you wouldn’t get as a tourist. Of course it’s a nice opportunity to share your culture and traditions as well. Last but not less important, I could say I have a new family there. Not much more to say, Just want to thanks once again, to the Rotary Clubs who made this trip possible, all the Rotaractors that made this trip the best of the trips and special thanks to my host family! I’ll miss you all Pacers and Canadians! I’ll be back someday! Waiting for you here in Argentina!!! please come visit me 🙂 -Manu

2013 Participants (Aug 23 - Sep 1, 2013)

  • Cody Williams, RAC Raleigh, North Carolina – USA D7710
  • Joglas do Nascimento Souz, RAC Sao Paolo Alianca Lapa – Brazil D4610
  • Magda George Tanjar, RAC Beirut – Lebanon D2450
  • Megan Gallagher, RAC Auckland City – New Zealand D9920
  • Zoe Lengjak, RAC Beloit College, Wisconsin – USA D6250
Participant Comments

I arrived for the PACE not knowing what to expect and with little knowledge of the Bristish Columbia area. After 10 amazing days packed full of exciting activities, I left with memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. The trip was a great representation of the area and very well organized from start to finish. I can’t think of a better way to explore a new place and bond with Rotaractors from all over the world! A+ experience in my book. -Cody

PACE 2013 was fantastic! I don’t have enough words to describe how I was happy in those ten days! It was a full package of fun and friendship. I was not expecting to see everything that I saw and get to know a bunch of wonderful people! We have been to so many beautiful places like the Grouse Mountain, Victoria, Whistler, Richmond and much more! Everybody that I had the chance to meet just made me to feel more and more happy! It’s unbelievable how we can be connected to people in only 10 days; I felt that I knew everybody for years!  I can say without any doubts that it was one of the best trips that I have ever made! Thank you so much for the entire PACE team, hosts, PACERS (Cody, Magda, Megan and Zoe) and everybody else involved that made those 10 days so wonderful! -Joglas

PACE was worth the way from Beirut… No time for Jet Lag! Just a full program of amazing activities at magnificent BC spots with wonderful fellows! It is indeed an opportunity to live the real cultural exchange and to come back with lots of fun memories.. Love! -Magda

PACE 2013 was one of the best weeks of my life. I meet incredible people both international and from Canada, had great food, saw some incredible scenery and generally got amped on Rotaract.  I walked away energised to keep spreading the Rotaract back in NZ especially the international opportunities that we are starting to learn about. You guys were awesome!!! Thank you for the most incredible time. -Megan

This trip reinforced everything I believed and felt about Rotaract and Rotary International. This experience has raised my expectations for any future trips and I don’t think I would have been able to experience Vancouver in a more fantastic way and meet so many wonderful people under just 10 days. -Zoe

2012 Participants (Aug 24 - Sep 2, 2012)

  • Frederico Purini Nardi, RAC São Paulo Avenida Paulista – Brazil D4610
  • Juliane Steinmann, RAC Freiburg – Germany D1930
  • Laura Tillmann, RAC Duisburg Niederrhein – Germany D1870
  • Mirela Buculeu, IRAC (International Rotaract Club) Copenhagen of Denmark – Romania D1470
  • Stefania Piccoli, RAC Brescia – Italy D2050
Participant Comments

PACE was the very best thing that happened to me in my ENTIRE life! There’s no better way to know about Canada’s politics, food, culture, drink, way of living, economics and places. All you heard about Canada? Forget it. It’s way better than what anyone is able to describe…The very best thing about this project is that you are by the first time in Canada, with other five people who you never knew and you have a bunch of local Rotaractors to show you around. In this edition there were accents from Russia, Honduras, Italy, Brazil, Taiwan, USA, German, Romania and more. I saw snow, learned to ride a bike, made friends, was invited to go to many other countries, visited amazing places. It was all inspiring. I learned to respect the differences and those differences, in a weird way, brought everybody closer. The stereotypes vanished and we were all a big family. PACE is adventure, knowledge, fellowship, kaua tu, beautiful sights, food, poetry, culture, history and most of all, a opportunity to have the best time of your life, as I did. After Canada I went to US and spend more twenty days traveling all around, from West to East and met a lot of other Rotaractors. Apply now and just wait for the answer. When you are selected it’s magical! -Fred

PACE was the best thing that could happen to me this year! It was unimaginable and so much better than anything I had expected. I was really curious about the other participants and the Canadian Rotaractors, and I must say everyone was just so kind and open and exited about Rotaract and the trip. It was wonderful to feel that spirit and be part of it. British Columbia is fantastic with its diverse and beautiful nature. Every place we visited (Kelowna, Vancouver, Whistler, Victoria, Richmond) was unique and it really gave me a well rounded picture of BC. I loved that one could see and do so many different places and things in only 10 days. I sometimes looked at the schedule and thought, oh my good how shall we manage to do all those things in one day?! And again and again I was so surprised that you could. I felt really energetic the whole week and I think that was because of the special spirit we had in our group, everyone was always in a good mood and excited about everything we did. I loved all the sports, the kayaking, the biking, the dragon boating, the hiking in Whistler, and of course, my favourite, the Grouse Grind!! It was fantastic! I just felt so good the whole day after that (also while doing it), it was amazing. It’s hard to put it in words, PACE was a fantastic experience and I met great people from all over the world who I miss a lot and who I hope to see again sometime! It’s one of those memories you will never forget and that have a special place in your heart. Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to be part of this wonderful experience. It gave me so much and I am really thankful for it. -Juliane

Having been part of PACE 2012 is something that makes me really proud. The trip convinced me again, that Rotaract is the perfect addition for young people. During PACE 2012 I experienced everything that means Rotaract to me: I found various new friends and the great thing is, they are from all over the world. I learned and experienced so many interesting things that it is still hard to put it into words or even thinking about how to summarize all these crazy activities. Apart from the nature, the cities and the outdoor activities the probably most impressing fact about BC and PACE 2012 was the attitude of the organizers: I’ve never met so many open-minded, relaxed and well-organised people in one place and this is to my mind the most important impression of the trip. I really learned something about myself, thanks to all these wonderful people I’ve met and I can only recommend to start to write your own application right now. -Laura

You are surrounded by 10-15 people pretty much all the time for 10 days, they are people you just met, you are tired and in a hurry all the time. However, you don’t need anything else but THAT…you don’t need to get your personal space or privacy you want to make the most of those 10 day because everyone is AMAZING… Not to mention that everywhere you look around you see something worth transforming into a postcard! -Mirela

The best experience of my life. -Stefania

2011 Participants (Aug 26 - Sep 4, 2011)

Grouse Mountain, Vancouver
  • Alexandre Hryszkiewicz, RAC Lille – France D1520
  • Aline Luz, RAC Belo Horizonte – Brazil D4520
  • Alya Hytyk, RAC Uzhgorod – Ukraine D2230
  • Graham Shular, RAC Guelph – Canada D7080
  • Magda Chylinska, RAC Trojmiasto – Poland D2230
  • Tommy Hartono, RAC Ma Chung University – Indonesia D3400
Participant Comments

To discover the world and make new friend of different social and cultural backgrounds is a wonderful opportunity that only an organization like Rotaract can offer. This trip really put these points at their utmost… Vancouver is a vibrant, international city and I’m so glad it’s been the city of my first trip to Canada. From the poor downtown area to the Asian night market and the wonderful Stanley Park, we got an unbiased view of the diversity this city has. Victoria and the Whistler ski resort were also a great addition to this motley experience. It’s the first time of my life I see whales in their natural environment. The organizing team was so committed and the international participants so motivated, that we became a tightly knit group that kept the good mood and the support to each other, no matter what with have to struggle on… And we had occasions to! In fact, this trip was challenging for me in two ways. First, physically. To climb the 3 km, 2830 steps, Grouse Grind the first morning with my still 8 hours jetlag was already stimulating…. And rewarding, by its wonderful postcard view. But the many sports we did the following days: hiking, biking, dragon boating, ice skating, kayaking, laser shooting… were really demanding for me. Second, socially. It was the first time for me to do public speeches in English, in front of these crowed Rotarians audiences. I was pretty worried. But finally they got thrilled by my presentation! I succeeded in these two challenges! Finally, this trip will last in my life as an unforgettable good experience. I discovered wonderful areas, made friends for life and succeeded in surpassing myself and becoming a better person. Thank you. -Alexandre

What can I say about Canada? Only good things! My own journey began in Toronto … I was afraid! But … everything went well! Good people! Happy and willing to help! After that, I met my friends in Richmond I was even happier … everyone with good will and the Rotaractor spirit alive! The trip is impressive: Starting with the application: all very planned and organized every step of the time, and always hearing your feedback on top of everything! Reception: The meeting at the airport was great! All waiting, no delays (except on my part …) and hosting division already prepared. The trip itself: exciting… every city I met was a new experience of beauty, architecture and nature… I must say I fell in love with Richmond even rising rapidly. I loved Victoria from the heart, it was the cutest place! Vancouver: a modern city, people of sound mind and open heart! Anyway I loved everything!…But, incredible as a place is, we really are the experiences we have with others: My traveling companions: I love you all! I hope one day meet again somewhere in the world. Organizers of the event: Thank you for everything! What I liked best was one place in particular: Grouse Grind. I must be honest and admit it was a very big challenge. First I did not like it… it was physically exhausting for me! But today, I look back and think: What a great lesson this mountain has given to me! Reaching the top is hard but possible, especially if you have someone to encourage you along (Thanks Chris!). Each step must be taken with care, and each step climbed should be celebrated. In the end, the feeling is worth it! It is pleasant! Anyway … My advice: go, and feel! The verb is felt: the pleasure of being in a beautiful place, the delicious taste of a Bubble Tea, the warmth of people who make a point of your presence and wish you well! I wish I can return soon… Kisses from Brazil! -Aline

Having been selected to attend last year’s trip was one of the highlights of my 2011 year. The trip itself was wonderfully organized and the comforts and needs of the trippers remained at the fore throughout the entire experience. As per most Rotaract trips, the organizers were extremely hospitable, and no wonder – Vancouver is one of the most hospitable places I’ve ever been to. It didn’t take too long for me to feel at home… The food on the trip was fantastic. My favourite was the fresh seafood and nothing could beat the delicious assortment found at the Asian night market we visited in Richmond. The trip showcased the true beauty of Canada’s west coast. From seaside fishing wharfs, all the way up to the Chief’s peak, we saw it all. My favourite part of the trip was spending time on the water: sea kayaking, being on the ferry to visit the Victoria Rotaract Club on Vancouver Island, and swimming in frigid mountain valley lakes. We spent a lot of time experiencing and learning about the traditional culture of the First Nations people who have been living in British Columbia for generations. Their culture is unique, and Salish art can be found everywhere in the region. Downtown Vancouver is a dynamic, beautiful city and abounds with old shops, contemporary cultural facilities and historic bus tours that were amazingly good fun! While it was somewhat unorthodox I’m sure for a Canadian to be selected for the trip, I was no less in awe of the experience than any other traveler. It was extremely humbling being in the presence of such wonderful Rotaractors who embodied the true spirit of Rotaract. Let them take you on the adventure of a lifetime – but remember, bring your hiking shoes and “make lots of photos!” -Graham

Last year I have been chosen as a participant in “Pacific Canada Experience with Rotaract”. For more than a week trip, I spent all the great time with them (participants and also officers) together. Almost all of the places which we visited is the most wonderful and interesting places, especially for you guys who like adventure so much (you will be challenged to finish all the high mountain in Vancouver)… But that’s not all the program about, you will taste some special foods, like poutine, visit some cultural places, like museum, and also doing other excited activities guys. I really really really recommend all of you to take this chance for visiting Vancouver (Canada) by joining this amazing trip dude. It will be one of your great experience in your life. -Tommy